Managing Team :


Dr. Orit Mossinson – Tel Aviv
In the past decade Orit has founded several leading internet ventures, either as a cofounder & CEO or as an advisory board/ BOD member.
In addition, Orit has represented international investors in the Israeli start up arena and has been part of numerous venture capital rounds, helping Israeli startups establish their company.Orit holds a Ph.D. and has been lecturing in leading Israeli academic institutes for over 6 years.
She is currently part of 12 companies she has established over the years.Orit’s sole focus these days is Dalai VC, and she serves as its Israel’s office CEO & fund’s GP.

Alan W Silberberg – Los Angeles
In the past decade Alan has founded or co-founded several internet ventures; and has also been an advisor and on the board to many others in the cyber security and government technology space.

He is currently a member of the California Governor’s Cyber Security Task Force, and is the Subject Matter Expert on Cyber Security to the U.S. Small Business Administration, and other US agencies.
He is a former member of the Executive Office of the President in the White House.
An active public speaker, Alan also has a byline on Huffington Post for Cyber + Tech
Alan’s sole focus these days is Dalai VC, and he serves as the US office CEO, and fund partner.